Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Every year I bake like crazy for Christmas. I give big boxes of cookies to a select few people and teachers.

Last year I made twelve different kinds of cookies and one candy. I figured that I probably made well over one hundred dozen cookies. For the past few weeks I have been thinking about the cookie list for this year. I always make a few of the same cookies every year, I have a few people that will be sad if I get rid of their favorite. But on the other hand I like to add new ones each year, so I think that is why I am up to a dozen different types of cookies (I have a feeling that it will increase this year).

In the next few days I need to finalize my list and work out the schedule of when everything will be made. I usually bake over a four day period. I like everything to be fresh when I give it out. I also need to figure out how I will package them, I try to change it every year.

Any suggestions?

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cancersucks said...

I suggest you add me to your "select" few on the list! I have your dress and plate to drop off. My friend's funeral was today. Depression 101. me