Saturday, January 3, 2009

sandwich mixto

Back in our other life my husband and I traveled. Within a year we went on three trips to Europe. Our first trip was to Italy (I think my favorite). The second was an eastern european trip to the cities of Prague, Vienna and Budapeste. Our last trip (I was pregnant with our first) was to Spain. While in Spain we filled up on sandwich mixto. A sandwich mixto is just a simple grilled cheese with jamon, and maybe it was because we were in Spain, but they were so much better then anything I had ever had here.

For Christmas by brother brought me a wheel of manchego, a favoite cheese of mine, along with several other culinary delights (more about them later). It might seem like a strange gift, but he works at ideal cheese in midtown and we have become spoiled cheese snobs. For dinner tonight we made sanwich mixtos with the manchego. We had a hard time finding jamon so we bought an italian ham to use along with a really good italian country white bread. We served them with a warm beet salad (check tomorrow for that) and considered it a hit.

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Lora said...

i just came across your blog and this post brings back fond memories of much time spent in spain...and the amazing food they have there! i think a wheel of manchego is a terrific gift idea...i am putting it at the top of my list for next year...and maybe a little jamon serano...though that may be asking a little too much!