Friday, November 14, 2008


I have tons and tons of work to do.

I just sent a piece I was working on for a friends sister to the printers. I have to get invitations made for a house party a friend is hosting. I sent out an evite to the house party that I am having at my house. My friend is going to sell her book at the party as well so she will help with some of the cooking for the day. I also have to get working on a bunch of custom orders that I have. I have started to work on the first Christmas card of the season (not mine). I am planning to take the picture for our card this weekend. I have an idea for the card in my head, but they never turn out how I first invision them. And, I still have to make tons and tons of cards to have for all the events that I have.

Bit of rambling today.

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