Saturday, July 25, 2009

summer squash

We have gotten a ton a summer squash from the csa. We grill a lot of it along with beets, scallions, eggplant and onions to make a good grilled veggie salad. However, we had a ton and I needed to come up with something to get rid of a lot of them at once.

While reading this post from the Smitten Kitchen blog I was inspired.

I came up with a grilled summer squash pizza with fresh ricotta (I am now on a kick of making the fresh ricotta). We served it with some grilled fish and the dinner was a hit. I was albe to use up four squash for the two pizzas.

If you want the recipe post a comment and I will post it.

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meade said...

I would love the recipe---I have a huge squash back up from my csa and the pizza is inspired!