Sunday, July 26, 2009

summer vacation

The summer seems to be flying by. We have been on the move filling our days with things that I hope the kids all find fun. We had a big weekend trip to DC. We have already had two trips into NYC. The first was a fast unplanned trip to meet my husband for lunch. The second was a big trip that included American Girl, FAO and a great dinner in mid-town for some Korean BBQ. We have been to the beach and next week we have a trip planned to the boardwalk (keeping my fingers crossed that it does not rain). There have been several trips into Philadelphia. One was to the Please Touch and another was for some shopping and lunch at the kids favorite Burmese restuarant, Rangoon. We have also done lots of swimming at different pools, some with friends and some without.

The summer has also been filled with lots and lots of camps. Three of the four have done soccer camp. There has also been basketball and ultimate. We still have brownie, another soccer and tennis camp to attend.

Hope your summer is going well also.

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