Monday, April 14, 2008


I need to shop for clothes. Everyone says that, but really I need clothes. I am in desperate need of jeans, but shopping for jeans is about as much fun as sticking a needle in your eye. I needed winter clothes, but about six weeks ago I just gave up. Now with spring and summer on the way...

I am not a good online shopper, I have issues with returning stuff, and I usually have to return everything since sizing is so difficult. I am no longer a good store shopper, I usually have all four kids with me, and that says it all.

I do not even know where to shop anymore. I have about five hundred dollars worth of gift cards from anthropologie, but I am not loving anything right now.

I think the island eyelet short dress by J Crew is cute. I'll have to shop in soon.

picture from j crew


Bejeweled said...

You have a lovely blog!!

And I'm the same way with shopping for clothes online :)

twiddlestix said...

I love to shop...but end up returning a lot of stuff! I have to say that I shop way more for my kids than myself though...that's way easier! ;) That is a cute dress!