Sunday, April 13, 2008

happy birthday

With six people in a house, it seems like there is always a birthday. Today is mine. I turn old.

I love to bake. When I am bored I bake. On Friday night I made three berry muffins for the kids to have with breakfast on Saturday. Anyway, back to the point. For my birthday my friend gave me a food theme present. Part of the present was the Sprinkles cupcake mix from Williams Sonoma. I am going to make them for the kids tonight. I think they will love them. I just hope my turn out like the picture.

picture from williams-sonama


Anonymous said...

Those sure look good! Happy Brithday to you!!

cancersucks said...

Thank God those aren't your cupcakes. I would have fainted! Why don't we have a sprinkles near us? CA gets all the good and out burger, too.