Thursday, March 26, 2009


No. 3 is going to be six tomorrow.

We baked chocolate chip cookies to send into school tomorrow. She is having her first friend party tomorrow at the house (seven girls from her class) and we are busy getting ready. The favors are ready to go (a note book and set of colored pencils). She want to have a sunday bar at the party, so all the topping and ice cream have been bought and I will make a chocolate sauce tomorrow. We are also going to make name bracelets at the party so the kids are busy getting all the beads ready. Now all we need to do is wait for tomorrow to come!


e.m. said...

Say it isn't so! They are growing up sooooo fast! We are also getting ready for back to back parties for J + A, 8,7 respectively. Great idea about the sundae bar! Like mother like daughter-;)

cancersucks said...

Happy birthday sweet angel!