Monday, April 20, 2009


It was a busy weekend (they are all pretty busy around here). On Friday I took the kids into NYC. We walked around for a bit before my husband could meet us. I stopped into Pylones, a great store that I have been in a few times. I bought myself a fun wallet in a great poppy print, very cool. We then walked down to my husband's new office, looked at the new space and hung out while he finished up. After we left we stopped into PINK. My husband just bought me a great shirt from PINK for my birthday and the shirts are beautiful. I picked up two more shirts, they were having a special promotion and I got 20% off which softens the blow a bit. After PINK we stopped into Crumbs to get the kids a treat. The four of them split a cupcake (they really are that big). Since it was the end of the day they were almost out of everything. I don't care for cake of any sort, but I would love to see them all there, I bet it looks wonderful.Then a walk down to Battery Park and then headed towards dinner. The group decided on Mandoo Bar again, which was fine with me. It was a long day and we did not get home until 10:30.

Saturday was filled with sports for the kids. It was such a nice day to be outside. We cooked out and had our first dinner outside. The kids love eating outside on the patio. It was late to bed so they could look for bats.

Sunday was a clean-up day in the yard. Since the weather has been cold for so long we have fallen very behind in the outside work.

Today it is awful weather again and it is forcasted to rain for the next three days. Sooner or later it will have to get warm and stay warm, right?


trudette, said...

that's a beautiful picture !

Invitations and Such said...

What a beautiful picture! I also had a great sunny warm weekend here in CT and now it is cold and gloomy out. Everyone keeps saying it'll be hot and humid before you know it and you'll be complaining about that....I don't know, pretty sick of the cold and the wind. Is it just me or does it seem like there is an awful lot of wind lately?