Wednesday, April 1, 2009


When I was little I was not a big cartoon watcher. The only cartoon that I watched on a regular basis were The Smurfs and I was a huge fan. I had a some what large collection of the small plastic figures. Two of the firgures managed to survive and they currently live discretly in my living room. When I was little all I wanted for my smurf collection was a mushroom house. I longed for one of the mushroom houses, but I guess they were too expensive and that is why I never got one.

Several of my husbands sisters were in town this past weekend and brought no. 3 birthday presents (when all is said and done I think she will have had five birthday celebrations, oh to be young again!). Would you believe that one of the presents she got was a smurf mushroom house? Needless to say I was VERY jealous!

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