Monday, August 24, 2009


My husband took the day off on Friday and we took the kids down to Baltimore. The day was a success, the kids had a blast. We got there a bit later then planned, but had a nice lunch and then walked around the inner harbor for a bit. We then took them to the science museum which was a hit. They have a "wet lab" where the kids got to do their own experiment which they loved. We then went onto one of the ships and took a tour. Then it was a fast ice cream break and on to the next thing. The next activity was requested by the kids, and for the kids, a ride in the harbor on the chinese dragon paddle boats. We then went over to Fort McHenry which was very interesting. On our way home we stopped for dinner and then home to bed.

It was a long day, but lots of fun for the kids!

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cancersucks said...

I love Baltimore! Didn't see you yesterday. Hope the kids are all happy and geared up for school! Mine were packed and ready to go at the crack of dawn. See you soon.