Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Only two weeks of summer left. It is hard to believe how fast it went.

I am trying to fill the last two weeks with fun things to do for the kids (not that everyday has been some kind of fun activity for them, very spoiled). Yesterday I took them to the beach (six hundred miles closer then our trip last week). Today is a pool day and tomorrow I think we will do a picnic in Princeton (I need to get a few things) and then we have a trip to Baltimore planned for Friday.

Next week will be another busy week. I think we will head into Philadelphia for one more trip to the Please Touch and perhaps a picnic in Rittenhouse. We will get to the beach one day and the pool another and then on Friday we will got into NYC.

One other activity I was thinking to do with them was the crayola factory. I took them years ago and it was a hit. No. four was itty bitty, so it is something I think he would really like. We see how the week pans out.

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