Monday, October 5, 2009


I am very behind on posting. My life has been hijacked by four kids. I cease to exist for my own purpose.

I will go back and post the detox recap and our csa shares.

However, I had to post about what I am very depressed about. My husband just called and told me the sad news. The end of print is happening. I never believed that it would really happen but Gourmet Magazine has folded. I started my subscription to Gourmet back in 1995. I am so sad, I loved Gourmet.

Also, Cookie Magazine is no longer. That makes my magazine count down by four. I already lost Domino and Wondertime.

What is next?

photo by Gourmet


Beth Dunn said...

I was shocked about Gourmet--I used to read that magazine and I don't even cook. It is just so beautiful. xoxo


cancersucks said...

No more cookie? Depressing.