Friday, August 29, 2008


I have been feeling rather discouraged about Clear Pink the past few weeks. Sales on etsy stopped and it is no secret that I have had zero motivation to work the past two months. I have spent the past few weeks wondering if doing this card thing was a dumb idea, maybe nobody really likes them.

Yesterday I got two checks ($140) in the mail from my sister-in-law in Pittsburgh (I had brought a box of sets to the beach for her). I called to thank her and she told me that she had only sold all those cards to just two people and has a bunch more people to show them to, how exciting. Then, later in the afternoon I finally had a sale on etsy.

I think this is just what I needed to feel good about all of this again. Business is an awful roller coaster ride.



Stay positive and have fun riding that roller coaster, your work is beautiful and you've had a good few sales, hang in there!

Oh.. and YAY for your sister in law :0)

Brandon said...

I hear ya about the sells. Got to stay positive like artisanne says. Your work it pretty cool and things for all of us will pick back up again.


fluffnflowers said...

I'm glad the roller coaster took an upward swing for you! Hopefully things pick up for everyone soon, and don't give up yet. :)

Renaissance_a3 said...

It really is! You have to stay faithful every single minute. You have a wonderful product. Never think that it is bad. It's all a matter of know your market even if it is slow. Keep going until you hit the jackpot. And also, don't just rely on etsy for exposure. Get out there in your area and promote, promote, promote. I think sales have been slow for a lot of people. Be as visual as you can on etsy and off and what the sales role in!


Giftbearer said...

Wow! When you started selling you really got on a roll!

I think in-person sales are easiest. You should see about getting your work into shops!

That will supplement your sales on Etsy.