Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I am feeling bored and restless.

I need a change.

In response to this need for change I thought I would repaint my downstairs. Our room off of the living room, where the computer is along with tons and tons of books is currently hunter green. I am sick of hunter green. I am going to paint it blue sage. Our living room is white with a red wall where the fireplace is. I am over the red as well. I am going to paint that graphite and paint the fireplace stone. All of the colors that I am using are from Restoration Hardware. My entryway, hallways, bedroom and sitting room are all Restoration colors.

I am thinking white plantation shutters in the blue sage room and silk curtains in blue sage for the living room.

I hope this helps!


twiddlestix said...

You are going to be busy! I have a red wall in my kitchen and I am also getting sick of it. We are going to be building in the spring though, so things are staying the way they are. Have fun!

preppy little dress said...

sounds like fun! i also need change and love to paint! is that the latte color from restoration hardware? it looks like it from the photo. i used latte in a number of rooms in my house. have fun!