Saturday, February 13, 2010

menu recap : week six

I switched the menu around a bit this week. After being snowed in on Wednesday and outside playing and shoveling, a pasta salad did not sound good, so I switched the meal to the three bean chili. Then on Friday I had to make eighty cupcakes for the kids Valentine's Day parties at school. They had a two hour delay that day and then I went with no. four who had no school and ran my seven miles. After that we headed over to the school for the parties and for some reason they take a lot out of me. Trying to organize two of them and then running around to three of them is not my idea of fun. By the time I got home from the school it was late and I was drained, so we ordered pizza that night. Saldy we are no longer a two pizza family (only with the trenton style) and I only got a slice because the kids were hungry. Next time I know to get three.

Tuna and roasted tomato melt was a hit. It is easy to make, but the roasted tomatoes take a long time.

Potato gnocchi with pork and wild mushroom ragu was a hit with no one and three as well as my husband. No. two was sick, so she did not eat it and for some reason no. four did not care for it. It is time consuming to make. I think next time I would make the gnocchi the day before.

Three bean chili over rice was perfect for a snowbound evening. I put out salsa, cheese and sour cream to top the chili with.

The Antipasto Salad is always a hit. I have made this a few time before. It is a good dish to make ahead if you need to. I think that it gets better as it sits.

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