Saturday, February 20, 2010

menu recap : week seven

The roasted turkey, avocado, bacon and balsamic onion marmalade sandwiched from 'wichcraft were really good. I could put the onion marmalade on everything. The kids always love homemade fries.

The pork dumplings turned out well. I changed the recipe a bit, but I think it was for the better. I also made my new favorite scallion pancakes that I posted about already.

Prosciutto ravioli are easy and a hit with everyone. I made a sage brown butter sauce to serve them with for the kids. I then made a fast fresh tomato sauce for my husband.

Tuscan bean salad with crispy italian sausage is a dish I make often. No. one decided he did not wnt to eat it this week. Whatever!

The stir fried turkey in lettuce wraps turned out to be a huge, huge hit. They are crzy easy to make. I made white rice and we put it in the wraps. Next time I will double the sauce so we have more to serve on the side.

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