Saturday, March 6, 2010

menu recap : week nine

The menu was a bit of a bust this week. On Tuesday night I fell in front of the kids school on the way into the science fair (damn fair) and may or may not have fractured my hand. I decided that it was not broken because it would be too much of a pain if it was. However, it was really messed up for several days and since it was my left hand and I am sadly left handed, I was unable to get much done for a few days. Dinner was one of the things that suffered.

The oven roasted pull pork sandwiches turned out great. We used a pork should that was almost eight pounds (we could not find any smaller) put we split it in half and saved the other half for the pulled pork tacos.

The pasta with pecorino and black pepper was not a huge success. I cut back by almost half on the pepper, but it was still too much spice for two of the kids.

A mess of a day.

Luckily I had some dim sum in the freezer that I steamed for the kids. I spent a lot of the day trying to get my hand looked at with no luck.

The pulled pork tacos were really good. I knew I was going to have a hard time rolling out the tortillas so I enlisted the help of no. one who did a great job. Earlier in the day I went to a few place to try and find a press, but I had no luck. However, this past weekend my husband stopped into the mexican stall at the farmers market to get some tamales for lunch. The place is no bigger than 6 feet by ten feet, but they make awesome food. We thought they only made tamales but they were out by the time he got there and he came out with a bunch of other amazing food and a TORTILLA PRESS. I was so excited. Those things are hard to find, go figure.


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