Saturday, March 13, 2010

menu recap : week ten

The end of our week got a bit messed up. We were all set and ready to drive down to Richmond yesterday for my oldest sons soccer tournament, however, early Friday morning just a few hours before we would have left we got a call saying that it was cancelled due to the bad weather that was heading there and scheduled to come our way. I had nothing planned for the weekend so we headed out for pizza on Friday night and I put together a menu for the rest of the week.

We do not eat steak here very often, but when we do the kids love it. We made a bit extra to use for sandwiched on Sunday night. The corn pudding was not a bit hit with the kids.

Our day was a mess. Everyone had to be somewhere different and no one seemed to be home at the same time. No. one and my husband had to head to the soccer field for training from six until eight so it was not a good night for a nice sit down dinner. I made the kids steak sandwiches and they ate when they were home.

Broccoli and cheese and bacon and cheese loaded potatoes came out great. The kids loved them. They were a lot more work than a thought they would be, but I like to mix things up once in awhile.

I thought the roasted potato leek soup was amazing. No. two does not care for soup, so I knew going into it she would not like it. However, I was a bit surprised when no. one did not care for it. The other two ate tons. However, it made a ton, so in order for no. three not to have to have it for lunch everyday for a week I gave some to a friend, I never heard back so maybe she did not like it either. My husband was out that not and did not have any, so while I was reheating it the next morning I made him try it and he was nice enough to give it a try and said that it was the best soup I have made recently.

The chicken parmesan burgers were a hit with the kids. It is served on a french bread and it fell apart on then a bit. Next time I think I would just serve it on rolls for them.

I switched up what the plan was. I spent hours outside cleaning up the yard and decided to just do a clean up the fridge night. I wanted to get as much as I could done outside since we were scheduled to be away all weekend and the weather did not look good for the next few days.

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