Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My husband has brought me home two cookies from Levain Bakery, located in NYC's upper west side, his office has been getting them. One day he brought me an oatmeal raisin and last Friday he brought home one of the walnut chocolate chip. They have two other cookie flavors, but they are not up my alley.

Well, they are the most amazing cookies. They are huge (good thing that I am not near there) and perfect. They are almost raw inside which is how I like them.

Yesterday he sent me a link to their blog and that got me thinking that I could (need to) try and make the cookies. It is beside the point that I am crazy busy. I have make six of the thirteen christmas cookies, which means that I still have to bake and package everything by this Sunday evening. I also am finishing up some Christmas card orders and have to finish our Christmas card which I am on the verge of tossing because it has been very problematic.

I digress. After reading the blog a bit I did a search for the cookie recipe and of course like all great things it is a well guarded recipe. There are some blogs that have copycat recipes so I picked one and got going.

Well they are not really the same. I need to make a few adjustments and perhaps read through all the copycat recipes and see what is the same and what people do different. However, I think this project will need to wait until after Christmas.

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