Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Thanksgiving came and went. It all seems like a blur. I started cooking on Tuesday and finished right before we sat down to eat on Thursday. The dinner was a success, lots on new recipes and lots of old ones also. It was way to much food for our group, but it seems to be the theme for Thanksgiving.

Our menu was:
Roasted turkey
cream biscuit stuffing (from williams-sonama, recipe here)
mushroom stuffing (from epicurious, recipe here)
cranberry relish
oyster pie
broccoli with hollandaise
mashed potatoes
chestnut mashed potatoes (based on a recipe from Food network magazine, November 2009)
roasted sweet potatoes with brown sugar
creamed onions

mile high apple pie (from Martha Stewart Living, you can find the recipe here)
pumpkin pie (from the Silver Palete Cookbook, you find the recipe here, but it is a great cookbook to have)
pecan pie with cream cheese crust (Martha Stewart Living, November 2009, you can find the recipe here)

If you want any of the other recipes just let me know!

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