Saturday, December 5, 2009

lisbon day 3

On our last morning in Lisbon we decided to go to Belem to try the original pasteis de belem. Everything that we were told and read said that you have to go. The lines are supposed to be crazy, but worth the wait. So we took the tram out to Belem and found the shop right away. The place was not crowed at all and we decided to sit and have our treat. We each ordered one and regreeted not ordering about five each. The ones in the city are good, like nothing we have here, but the original (secret recipe) pasteis de belem might be one of the most wonderful things I have ever eaten, I swear. We paid, went outside and decided to go to the counter and get another, who know when we'll be in Belem again.

The sites were closed on Monday in Belem, so we headed back into the city and spent the rest of the day and night walking around, stopping in shops and eating. We found a shop in the city that had pasteis de nata (what they are called if they are not the original) that were the closest to the ones that we had in Belem, so each got one, then we went back and got two more each, who knows when we'll be in Lisbon again.

It was an awesome trip!

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