Friday, January 15, 2010

menu recap : week two

Spaghetti and meatballs is always a family favorite. I make a huge pot of sauce and freeze what we don't use for other dinners.

Leek, bacon and pea risotto was good. It made a ton, so I sent it with the kids for lunch.

Pork tenderloin, spinach and polenta was good. Only two of the kids liked the polenta. The recipe made a ton of polenta, which I poured half of into an oiled baking dish and left to set. I fried it in some butter and put honey over it for breakfast on Friday morning. Two out of four liked the breakfast polenta.

Tex-mex cornbread skillet was a hit. I changed the recipe a bit and sprinkled some cheddar over the top of the cornbread before baking. I just served it with some sour cream on top, a very easy dinner.

Roasted tomato and cipollini tuscan bean salad with tuna is a great make ahead dinner. The kids were all in different places after school, so I made this and just served it to them when they were able to sit down to eat.

One skillet pasta with chicken and broccoli is a really good dinner. My husband loved it and said it would even be great without the chicken.

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